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  • Elisa Torres

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I have been slowly making my way through The Chronicles of Narnia series so I can savor and relish the mesmerizing lands beautifully imagined by C.S. Lewis. It has taught me many lessons on life and death, facing fears, and highlighted the reality that we are eternal spirits living in temporal bodies.

In Book 5, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, a noble crew sets out to find the end of the world and they encounter many threats - a sea serpent, armies, hunger, and raging storms.

As the book is nearing its end, the crew contemplates whether they will set out one final time to attempt victory. Many of the men are fearful, but ultimately, they all decide to embark on the journey except 1 man named Pittencream. He stays behind on The Island of the Star safe and sound where he is fed a royal feast daily. Pittencream describes the time as creepy and lonely and he is so disconnected from the group when they return that he deserts them and goes on to live in another land.

Pittencream reminds me of my former self in many ways. I had this deep desire in me to go explore new lands and take on new challenges, but the comfort of being safe and living in the known, kept me from pursuing those desires. While that should have made me feel better, all I could think of was what others were getting to experience by choosing to be brave and not being crippled by the opinions of others. Eventually, I mustered the courage to start seeing a therapist so I could unpack the many areas that were holding me back such as self-criticism and fear of failure.

It’s been a long road to finding freedom and pursuing my God given purpose, but wow has it been worth it. I went on to launch a women’s conference, give a TEDx talk, fundraise $20,000+, receive promotions, and move to Singapore, my new land 19 hours from home. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to head back to my own Island of the Star at times so I can be safe and comfortable, but sailing into these unknown seas have awakened a depth and strength in me that I didn’t know existed.

The crew of the Dawn Treader did eventually make it to the ends of the earth and en route, they made a powerful statement, “How beautifully clear the water is!” Be encouraged that you will get clarity from taking that first step. The more we follow the tug in our heart, the more we will find what we are called to do with our temporary time on this Earth.

Let’s set out to sea, friends!



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